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February 06 2016


The Helpful Service Plans Offered By Peninsula Air Conditioning

When an air conditioning unit breaks down, people tend to panic. It’s a huge inconvenience for a homeowner and can affect their comfort level. Of course, opening windows and doors while utilizing fans makes things bearable, but it will still stress out the residents until support arrives. On the other hand, most commercial business owners face a much worse situation. The majority of commercial buildings are constructed with solid panel windows that have no way of opening. People in this situation are stuck with opening whatever doors they can and trying to push the hot air out. In either situation, professional HVAC technicians need to be called to assess what went wrong and begin remedying the problem.

There are a lot of HVAC companies competing for the same clientele. Potential customers can be easily overwhelmed since it is often difficult to determine which company will provide quality air conditioning service at a fair price. If they visit a site like penair.com.au/support/air-conditioning-service/, they will find the price and details for Peninsula Air Conditioning's diagnostic service call. This is a repair service that a client would call for when their system is not working properly. The call involves a technician inspecting and running diagnostics on the HVAC system to determine what is wrong. Sometimes the problem can be fixed immediately and in other cases, new parts will need ordered. The company strives to quickly return normalcy to their customers' lives, completing repairs the same day whenever possible. If this can't happen, they only ask that the owner have patience since it may take a little time to receive parts and install them. air conditioning

To help avoid this type of service call, Peninsula Air Conditioning advises all HVAC owners to check out their general service maintenance agreement. This preventative measure is also described and priced on the website, including details on the optional ad-on services that customers may want to take advantage of. To make things even simpler, an option to begin booking appointments through website is readily available. Customers should look into this agreement because it keeps the unit running efficiently and lessons the chance for break downs. The plan involves scheduled visits from a technician who will clean out any debris or soot that has accumulated in the mechanics, check the condensate drains to ensure that nothing is backing up, clean the coils, replace the filter, and test the thermostat for accuracy. With this agreement in place, unexpected malfunctions and emergency service calls can easily be avoided.

Repair work is not the only air conditioner checklist that is offered. New unit installation is also available to all customers. The company specializes in new home construction installation, but have the capability to replace an outdated unit in an older house or a supply a commercial business with brand new climate control. Their main goal is for the customer to have the best functioning unit possible, either through standard repair work or the installation of a brand new system.

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